Executive Coaching

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Dr. Travis is available each year to work alongside a limited number of school leaders as a personal coach and adjunct to their school’s Leadership Team. 

ROI (Return on Investment): School leaders receive personalized assistance in the development of a long term culture of trust, marked by stronger relationships with their faculty and staff, as well as with all stakeholders of the school community; and to realize visible and measurable fulfillment of the school’s unique mission.

Overview: TrustED Executive Coaching is based on the “Triple-A” model of Assess, Architect & Act to address the school leader’s unique challenges and provide meaningful and practical steps toward solving complex trust-related and school improvement issues.

  • Assess: This involves but is not limited to an initial assessment of the leaders skill sets and competencies related to the six components of trusted school leadership utilizing the TrustED® School Leadership 360 (TSL360) Assessment. The TSL360 establishes initial baseline data to identify strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Architect: Customized coaching, training, and professional development sessions, along with individualized action plans are designed and provided to support the opportunities for improvement identified through the various assessments.
  • Act: Operational protocols, practices, and policies are refined and initiated, along with clear tools for ongoing monitoring and assessment to ensure that the identified improvement goals are met.

Coaching Cycles: With a firm belief that short-term improvement goals are the most effective in driving and supporting long-lasting and sustainable improvement, Coaching Cycles are limited to seven (7) weeks at a time.

Additional Beneftis & Services

School leaders may also take advantage of the following additional benefits and services:

  • Background Research, Orientation, and Document Feedback: A review of all available pertinent information relative to the past, current, and desirable future for the school, along with feedback for improvement (e.g., School Handbook, Employee Policy Manual).
  • Parent/Employee Attitude & Opinion Survey: This survey tool establishes baseline data of school health to inform strategic school-wide improvement planning.
  • Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Learning Environment Methods Survey: This survey tool provides baseline data of teacher practice to inform strategic improvement planning and personalized professional development for teachers.
  • Onsite or Virtual Training/Consult:  The following is a typical schedule for an initial session:
    • Review assessment results.
    • Initiate professional development action plans for the leadership team, as well as identifying priorities for school-wide improvement.
    • Conduct focus group interviews with “moral owners” of the school (i.e., those fully committed to the school’s mission, purposes, and values).
    • Provide professional development with teachers — identifying needs and strengths among the faculty regarding competency levels around curriculum, instruction, assessment, and learning environment practices.


To request more information about TrustED Executive Coaching, contact Dr. Travis HERE.