TrustED Book

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“Trust is the single greatest indicator of successful leadership.”

The above research-based observation is a definitive and shared conclusion within a wide range of industry sectors (e.g., manufacturing, retail, technology, government, non-profit organizations). Research also indicates that when high levels of trust mark school leadership, positive and significant influences on schoolwide improvement occur and are sustainable.

Toby Travis utilizes a suspension bridge analogy to explain the roles and functions of trusted leadership, which are critical to school improvement initiatives. Dr. Travis outlines the six trusted school leadership components that must be in place for leaders to positively affect and direct school improvement. If any of the components are not securely in place, successful transit over the bridge to school improvement can be hazardous or even catastrophic. Learn how to assess, develop, repair, and ensure that all six leadership components are properly in place so that your school or district is TrustED®.


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Introduction and Overview of the TrustED Framework to School Improvement