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Over the decades, research has repeatedly shown that communities and even countries are largely shaped by what takes place within schools. We, who serve in education, are truly and genuinely training up the next generation. Thus, our work is critical to defining the future of our world.

Dr. Travis with teacher/leaders in Indonesia

We also know that the #1 indicator of successful schools meeting students and families’ needs is trusted school leaders and teachers.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of schools lack the financial resources, training, mentoring, materials, and strategies required to develop, support, and maintain high levels of trust in their teachers and leaders. The lack of resources is especially true in distressed and developing communities of the world.

Educators in the Dominican Republic showing their enthusiasm for the TrustED training.

As a school administrator myself, serving as the Superintendent of the Village Christian Academy, I have committed (with my wife’s and employer’s blessing) to invest a large portion of discretionary time each year (e.g., personal vacation, school breaks) to pouring into the lives of other educators around the world. I have especially focused on serving schools that may not have ready access or the financial means to secure the assessment and training resources they need.

My commitment to developing trust in educators began while my wife, Tannia, and I served as educational missionaries in the country of Ecuador. Since that time, I have had the opportunity of working alongside and facilitating the development of educators in a wide variety of school settings (e.g., public schools, Christian schools, Catholic schools, bilingual schools, international schools) and geographic settings (e.g., Paraguay, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Nigeria, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA).

Working with school leaders in Panama, who had gathered together from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Some of the schools I serve can offset a portion of the expenses related to the assessments, training, and mentoring. However, many schools do not have the financial resources to secure the professional services they require. Thus, they need the help of others who are like-minded and understand the critical value of supporting the development of trust in school leaders and teachers worldwide.

Since 2007, I have had the privilege of serving other schools via the sponsorship of Ripe for Harvest World Outreach (RFH). The financial donations of friends to RFH underwrite my work with school leaders and teachers who otherwise would not have access to the level of training needed.

Providing training to Nigerian school leaders along with other trainers from the Global School Consulting Group

With the Covid-19 Pandemic’s onset, some of the work I was engaged in came to an abrupt end due to school closures. In other settings, the opportunities have increased due to the transitioning from in-person onsite training (which in the past also limited the number of schools I could serve in a given year) to online virtual training.

I recently had the privilege of providing leadership training to over 100 Christian school leaders throughout Brazil. The training was presented LIVE via virtual sessions over three days.

The virtual conference was in partnership with ACSI Brazil and was a tremendous success!

TrustED® training is critical for all educators and leaders. All of us need to be confronted with the need to develop our potential, but with Dr. Travis’ approach, we were confronted with developing something priceless: trust. We learned how to build this so important aspect of our character, and for sure this will not only impact our daily work and ministry but our daily lives in all of our relationships.” – Barbosa da Silva, Mission Aid Brazil

Financial donations made to Ripe For Harvest World Outreach underwrote my participation in the conference.

TrustED® training sessions are now available via LIVE virtual sessions.

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-Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.

Above: Teachers and school leaders in Honduras
Above: School leaders from Africa.
Above: TrustED Conference participants in the Dominican Republic