5 Key Elements of Change Management for School Leaders (and the 1 Element that Blocks Change)

[The following is an excerpt from TrustED®: The Bridge to School Improvement]

The following five practices, when consistently implemented by school leaders, result in greater levels of trust during times of change:

  1. Changes, and decisions leading to change, are always data-driven. Trusted leaders first gather data to determine what change is needed.
  2. Once the data is collected, trusted leaders make an assessment, analysis, and interpretation of the data – including a prioritizing of the findings and the areas of greatest need.
  3. Interventions are then defined, structured, and planned in a manner that addresses the specific issues revealed through the findings of the data.
  4. All interventions include clear exemplars, coaching or mentoring where needed, and 360-degree feedback that is timely and frequent.
  5. As the change process matures, there is constant evaluation, followed by another cycle of data gathering in order to be able to assess whether or not the interventions and strategies truly moved the school in the direction of the change desired.

This seems simple and straight forward. Right? Then, why don’t more school leaders consistently implement these five elements? One answer. Fear! …[continue reading]


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