What is your school’s most valuable asset?

The most valuable asset of our schools is TRUST – and like any asset it must be protected. If our schools are not currently assessing our level of trust, investing in the development of high levels of trust, and creating protocols and practices to protect that trust – then we are not addressing the fundamental area of competency on which all other school improvement initiatives are based.

The research is clear – when high levels of trust in the school’s leadership and in the instructional practice of teachers is in place, the resulting benefits to the school are substantial:

How should schools develop and protect this most valuable asset?

  1. Assess your school leadership’s level of trust by implementing the research-based TrustED School Leader 360 assessment.
  2. Assess your teacher’s level of trust with students, peers, and parents by utilizing the TrustED Teacher assessment.
  3. Utilize the results from the TSL360 and/or the TrustED Teacher assessments in order to develop data-driven school improvement.
  4. Host and implement the TrustED School Leader and TrustED Teacher training (on-site or virtual).

Next steps?

  • Click HERE to schedule a time to connect by phone or video conference.
  • Click HERE to read what other school leaders and teachers are saying about the TrustED assessments and training.

I look forward to assisting you and your school in any way that I am able to become more TrustED!

Photo by: Timothy Eyrich Photography
Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.

What are your thoughts?

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